How to Align the Stars, coming soon: Shakespeare meets Gilmore Girls in this body-positive, feminist retelling of Much Ado About Nothing. Bea, astronomy professor and die-hard singleton, is not enthusiastic about her younger cousin Heron’s engagement. Bea thinks Heron is too focused on Charlie, her basic-bro fiancé, to the detriment of her own post-college plans. Heron launches a matchmaking scheme to make Bea change her mind about romance–by setting her up with Ben, the special collections librarian. Bea and Ben’s war of words dates back to their own student days, but Heron correctly detects chemistry in their bickering. As Bea grapples with the idea of couplehood and a campus scandal jeopardizes Heron and Charlie’s happily-ever-after, each woman must confront old wounds to find her path to a fulfilled future.